Our projects are always created by a team, contributions are made by Shaya Fallahi (Director Xi Architects), Ines Quinteiro Antolin, Daniel Bakker, Ivo de Jeu, Maarten Kempenaar, Sergio Dias, Marco Moretto, Victoria Polanco, Carlotta Franco, Peyvand Yavari, Puchien Chan, Stefano Bollati, Bruno Costa, Nika van Berkel, Robbert Verheij, Dinara Shakiba, Menno Stieber, Jeffrey Quartel, Jakub Pohunek, Marc Keizer, Zhuoer Wang, Soraya Ghezelbash, Boris de Jong, Natalia Sulkowska, Salaheddine Chekh Ibrahim, Maarten Rozemuller, Wiet van Asten, Joan Comamala, Sarah van der Schilden, Stefan Breij, John Bosch, Adrienne Becht, Paul Alessie, Seyma Serife, Oliver Hortensius, Eric Feenstra, Jurgen Metz, Saskia van Heerde, Begonia Masia, Kaspar Fischer, Valentina Penna, Hyun Vin Kaspers, Ramazan Celik, Esther Brejaart, Chew Win Bin, Fabian Lutter, Anna Lopes Ramos, Ingrid Schmaeldecke and many others among which: Hugo Kok, Han Harleman, Frank Koninck, Katrien de Goede, Skafte Aymo Boot, Gijs Baks, Johan Selbing, Christina Eickmeier, Angelique Haver, Ze Tavares da Silva, Pepijn Nolet, Rob Otten, Casper Vos, Daniel Niggli, Reinier de Graaf, Bogdan Bocanet, Vasa Perovic, Irene Curulli, Peter Stokkermans, Chrisine Yadlowsky, Nicholas Dodd, Joe O'Sullivan, Paola Verde, Jan-Richard Kikkert, Douwe den Hartog

Don Murphy, M.Arch.

Don Murphy (1965 Cork, Ireland) has founded VMX Archtects in 1995. After his studies at the South Bank University in London he followed the post graduate course of the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam.

Don Murhpy is an international operating architect with a strong focus on high quality and innovative design. In VMX Architects he operates as the creative director and is responsible for the office designs and presentations.

Besides an architectural practitioner is Don Murphy active in the Academic world. He regularly lectures on architectural topics in many countries. As professor at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea, Unit professor at the Berlage Institute Rotterdam, visiting professor and external examiner at several institutes he is involved in the educational world.

Don Murphy has taken place in many juries and his own work has won numerous prizes. Since 2008 he is supervisor for the Municipality of Amsterdam for the Sloterdijk area.

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Leon Teunissen, Ir.

Leon Teunissen (1965 Heerlen, The Netherlands) is partner of VMX Architects since 1995. After graduating in both Architecture and Building Management at the TU Delft Leon Teunissen gained practical experience in a large architectural firm. Since then he has developed into a leading project and office manager with a strong focuss on communication and cost control.  In VMX he is responsible for the organisation of the office and the projects in his role as business director.

Besides his practical work Leon Teunissen is active as a guest professor at a number of institutes and he regularly lectures on the managerial aspect of Architecture. He has published several books and articles on these subjects. Leon Teunissen volunteers his professional skills to community service organisations. Since 2010 he is member of the advisory board of Real Estate and Housing at the TU Delft.