Emmaus Inst. Aalter

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Education has become more and more important over the past decades. Throughout society higher education is valued more than good craftsmanship, which also impacts how technical education is regarded. Often disregarding their actual skills, parents stimulate their children to choose a more theoretically oriented education. While in fact many children, but also Western society in general, would benefit from good vocational and technical training. This is why integrating technical and pre-academic education is important for everybody. Integrating the technical school, simultaneously solving the shortage of space, is what we mean to achieve in a very sustainable manner with our plan for the expansion of the Emmaüs Institute in Aalter, Belgium.

As a sustainable approach is based on available structures and systems, we want to build on and even strengthen the existing structure. The clear, transparent urban layout of the St. Gerloflaan campus is an obvious existing quality of the present situation. A collection of rational building structures separating middle school from upper school has been realized here since the 1950s. Unfortunately, outdated changing rooms and gyms are presently the first thing you see. To fully integrate the technical school, it must be placed in the centre of the location. In doing so, the negative aspects of relocation are also remedied. Further attention is given to upgrading the outdoor areas.

photo: Marcel van der Burg

Client EmmaĆ¼sinstituut Aalter
Location Aalter, BE
Size 5.500 m2
Design 2011
Execution 2013-2016
Costs 8.0 million euro