EX-Casa 400

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Following a commission by Bouwinvest, VMX Architects designed student and starters homes in an area called “Eenhoorngebied” in the East of Amsterdam, close to the Amstel station. This area is part of the redevelopment project called Wibaut on the Amstel. The starting point for this redevelopment was to turn it into a mixed living and working area. The municipality proposed the urban planning framework. A distinctive part of this urban planning was to create closed building blocks and a green axis, running from the northern Ringdijk diagonally through the area.

In the preliminary design phase it was unanimously decided to reuse the hull of the existing CASA 400 for the more than 330 student residences. An arch in the existing building was made in order to continue the green axis of the urban plan and nearly all entrances to the apartments were situated there. The on-site restaurant in the building was retained. Along the Gooiseweg, a major entrance to Amsterdam, a new tower will be realised for about 130 starter homes. This triangular tower also marks the spot where the green axis of the urban plan for the “Eenhoorngebied” borders the Kamerlingh Onneslaan.

Client Bouwinvest
Location Amsterdam, NL
Size 30.870 m2
Design 2011
Execution 2013-2014