Orpic Oman

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Orpic is in a process of change. The organization is expanding and wants to be more efficient and effective in its operations. Improving collaboration and team work are key. The new office environment in Sohar should support these changes. At the moment, the Sohar office consists of two separate buildings. Inside, both buildings are a maze of small private offices. People are hidden behind closed doors, sending emails to one another rather than talking face to face. Daylight is sparse. Furniture is often outdated and heavy. All is all, it is an environment that does not match Orpic’s ambition to be a high performance organization.

The renovation of the offices should result in a new, connected and collaborative work environment. The new work environment should be efficient, but also attractive with break areas and a new coffee bar. Not overlay fancy or sophisticated, but practical and well-engineered, reflecting Orpic’s identity as an advanced industrial company.

This project is collaboration with Orpic’s project team, i29 Interior Architects and iCOP.

Client Orpic
Location Sohar, Oman
Size 13.100 m2
Design 2013
Execution 2014