The aim of this project is to realize a durable building that makes maximum use of the potentials of the site. The location is along a central road close to the airport development. Through the vicinity of the airport large areas have to be kept free. The building is positioned and shaped to give great views over the road to the large open spaces in the surrounding.  The compact form of the building allows the remaining part of the site to be a green open space, a communal park for the inhabitants. The benevolent climate in Bangalore will guarantee an attractive outdoor living.

This project will create its own environment. The shape of the building will generate many benefits. It forms a defined outdoor space which will be laid out as an attractive communal garden. By embracing this typical Bangalore park the building aims to connect the inhabitants closer to nature and will stimulate the desired outdoor living. It enforces the community feeling.

At the same time guarantees the form of the building a private view from the apartments. From each window there will be an amazing view over the surrounding. The building has also been designed in such a way that it makes optimal use of the sun and the wind. Both on the level of the block as in each apartment has been made use of the advantage of natural ventilation.

Half sunken under the V-shaped building block will the parking facilities be hidden. In the center of the block one will find the central entrance to the apartments which is combined with the communal indoor facility, the clubhouse. One wing of the block is shaped around a spacious atrium. This outdoor space in the block is not only visual attractive it also fulfills an important environmental role. It stimulates the wind not only to go cross through the block but even will function as a vertical wind tunnel. It shows dramatically how the building steps up to the sky.

Client United Sustainable Development
Location Bangalore, IN
Size 28.000 m2
Design 2015