Student Center

VMX Architects won, together with the local engineering company XDAD, 1st price for the international competition for two new buildings for the Shanghai Second Polytechnic University (SSPU). The first one is a Training Lab for applied technical courses of 21.000 m2. The other is the Student Center of 3.000 m2, which consists mainly out of a theatre

The Campus of the SSPU in the New Pudong District of Shanghai has rapidly developed together with the growth of the University. After visiting the site, the need for space and for flexibility becomes apparent. Both building locations are in a very dens area of the Campus.

The intention of our design is to make the two new buildings as compact as possible in order to maximize the unbuilt area which creates the necessary addition to the public space. The Training Lab makes through its compact form a big public square in front of it possible. This can be used for outside working, but also for the students to relax in the evening or weekends after study time. The big square is also perfectly suited for events like the graduation ceremony.

The Student Center is positioned on a smaller plot. But this building creates extra space on its roof.

The Training Lab contains all the different labs in a very flexible to use silver looking box. The removable interior and façade elements will tribute to the durability of the building. The image of the project will be created by the infrastructure, facilities and all the movements that are exposed at the outside.

The Student Center has a remarkable triangular shape that is simply generated from the tribune from the theater. Clad in gold it expresses its precious function for the broader education of the technical students. The landscape on the roof is added as an attraction to meet and overlook the campus.

The aim of this competition entry is to create simple functional buildings that at the same time add an extra value to the SSPU campus.

Client Shanghai Second Polytechnic University
Location Shanghai, CN
Size 3.000 m2
Design 2012
Execution 2014